Choose flexible leasing solutions.

Our leasing solutions provides you with the flexibility you need to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

Why Choose Flexible Leasing ?

Leasing is more than just an alternative to purchasing: it's a flexible and cost-effective solution that allows you to stay ahead in the market. Discover the benefits that make our offer a smart choice for your business.


The needs of your business change, and your equipment should be able to adapt accordingly.


A single contract often covers all the equipment and associated services, thereby simplifying administrative management.

Treasury Management

Avoid heavy and unforeseen investments. A flexible leasing contract allows you to better manage your budget.

Tailor-made solutions

We offer tailor-made contracts, from 1 to 5 years, that perfectly adapt to your specific needs.

Our offer

Standard or tailor-made, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Flexible Leasing

Finance your projects quickly and without impacting your cash flow. With our leasing solution, easily adapt your equipment to the growth and changes of your business. Also, enjoy contractual flexibility that allows you to stay at the forefront of innovation without being burdened by obsolete equipment.

Broad range of assets

From medical equipment to industrial production tools, and IT solutions, we offer a variety of options to meet your sector-specific needs. With such a wide range of assets available, we are your single partner for all your leasing requirements, allowing you to consolidate your relationships and simplify management.


You benefit from a dedicated single point of contact, capable of answering your questions and solving your problems in record time. Our customer-centric approach makes all the difference.



Free up capital while maintaining access to your essential assets. With our leaseback option, sell us your existing equipment and lease it back. This not only allows you to recover liquidity to invest in other strategic areas, but also to benefit from the flexibility and tax advantages associated with leasing.

Financed equipment


Laptops and desktop computers, servers, printers and scanners, routers, data storage, monitors.

Medical Equipment

MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound scanners, cardiac monitors, operating tables.

Retail Equipment

Point of Sale (POS) systems, barcode scanners, electronic payment terminals, surveillance cameras.

Industrial Machines

Machine tools (lathes, milling machines), conveyors, hydraulic presses, welding equipment, industrial robots, compressors.

Manage Your Investments

Choosing progressive leasing allows businesses to free up capital.
Instead of investing a large sum at once to acquire equipment, they can spread the costs over a longer period. This makes financial management more flexible and allows for the retention of resources for other aspects of the business.

Stay at the Cutting Edge of Technology

In rapidly evolving sectors like IT and healthcare, having access to up-to-date equipment is crucial. Flexible leasing provides the opportunity to update or replace equipment at regular intervals, ensuring that businesses always have the latest technologies at their disposal.

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