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Leasing for the Healthcare Sector.

Financing solutions for healthcare professionals and care facilities.

Finance Your Healthcare Equipment

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving, requiring cutting-edge equipment to ensure quality care. Leasing allows for easy financing of often costly equipment, while offering the flexibility needed to adapt to constant innovations in the medical field.

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Why leasing is essential in the healthcare sector

Cost Reduction

Leasing allows you to spread the costs over several years, making budget management easier.


Leasing allows you to spread costs over several years, thus facilitating budget management.

Access to the Latest Technologies

Leasing eliminates the financial barrier often associated with purchasing advanced medical equipment

     Why Choose Infibail for the Healthcare Sector?

  • Industry Expertise: Our experience in the healthcare sector allows us to understand your specific needs.
  • Contract Flexibility: Our leasing contracts are tailored to your needs, with durations ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: A single point of contact to handle all your needs, with a payment turnaround time of less than 72 hours.
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Equipment often financed

In the Healthcare sector, equipment such as MRI machines, ultrasound devices, and hospital information systems are often financed through leasing.

Medical Imagery

Leasing MRI, Ultrasound Machines, Radiology Equipment.

Operating Room Equipment

Leasing Operating Tables, Lamps, Anesthesia Machines.

Monitoring & Diagnostic

Leasing Vital Signs Monitors, Electrocardiographs.

Healthcare Informatics

Leasing Hospital Information Systems, Computer Workstations, Tablets.

Laboratory Equipment

Leasing Centrifuges, Microscopes


Leasing Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs.

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